Citizens of Natstown was started in the Fairfax, VA Dogfish Head Alehouse by TJ, David, and Matt on February 20, 2012. What began as a weekly podcast to talk Nats baseball for an hour quickly grew to a consistently 2 hour long show with locally and nationally known guests, in which time would just not allow us to discuss all that we would've liked to. At that point we knew we needed a bigger space, and on May 27, 2012 launched. Since then we've brought on prospect/draft specialist Sean Hogan, wunderkind James O'Hara, star free agent Alyssa Wolice,  and a host of other exceptionally talented individuals who have and are contributing to Citizens. Here at Citizens of Natstown, we strive to bring you the most interesting Nats coverage including Prospect/Draft Coverage, Analysis and Opinion to suit your needs and we are always looking for new talent to improve our coverage.

Get to Know the Staff:

TJ Landwermeyer, Editor in Chief

David Huzzard, Senior Editor

James O'Hara, Senior Editor

Sean Hogan, Senior Editor, MiLB

Matthew Dávila, Senior Editor

Alyssa Wolice, Senior Editor

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